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Take a sip of some healthy cups of tea

Your choice of health-enhancing beverages is just as important in your daily regime as the good food you eat.

Glass teapot with clear green tea inside surrounded by green herbs

Try not to reach for the tea loaded with milk and sugar, or the eight cups of coffee because you are exhausted.

Instead, treat your beverages as a way to get maximum goodness into your body all day long.

Green tea has been proven over the years to ward off numerous health issues, such as lung cancer and heart disease. It is also thought to stop the malignant transformation of cultured breast cells and has even been thought to help when it comes to dental cavities. Why? It prevents plaque build-up and inhibits bacteria growth. It lowers the acidity in saliva and helps to reduce gum bleeding.

If you know someone with bad breath (I always wonder how people don’t realise?) then why not hand them a nice box of green tea next time you see them as it kills the microbes that make our mouths stinky and apparently outperforms mints, chewing gum and parsley!

Green tea is also a low-calorie brain booster and a great health protector, so including two to four cups daily will improve so much regarding your health.

Other teas have benefits, too, such as tulsi tea, dandelion and hibiscus which are all said to increase the anti-oxidant levels in the bloodstream within a very short space of time.

There have been studies to suggest in as little as one hour, improvements can be seen and felt. Tulsi tea is made from the leaves and blossoms of the holy basil plant and helps the mind and body to adapt and efficiently cope with infectious diseases, emotional stresses and mental problems.

It also helps prevent respiratory disorders, ranging from colds, coughs, bronchitis and asthma, so perfect this time of year when our immune systems are slightly challenged and desperate for the warmer weather.

Dandelion is also very health-enhancing as it helps to soothe the digestive system, improve your appetite, and relieve constipation.

All essential components to maintain high energy and balanced health. Although dandelion tea is not known for its sleep-inducing purpose, it has been discovered that because of the liver cleansing properties, it is useful in aiding sleep.

The reason for this is that a healthy liver will balance blood sugar, and blood sugar fluctuations are a major factor in insomnia and waking during the night.

Hibiscus tea can relieve you from high blood pressure and high cholesterol as well as dramatically help to improve your digestive and immune system.

It is also an incredible anti-inflammatory aid, and helps with liver disease and reducing your risk of cancer. It speeds up metabolism and encourages healthy gradual weight loss.

The fluids you drink when you are consuming health-enhancing beverages all count towards your daily water intake.

Remember that it is so important to stay hydrated, to enhance your brain power, keep your muscles and joints well lubricated, ward off allergies such as asthma, allow the body to cleanse properly and to gives you healthy glowing skin. It is your biggest cleansing tool and when you are drinking with health in mind it makes your choices really easy. You could potentially have up to ten cups of tea per day and the more varied the better.


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