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A simple test for life changing results.


$125 follow up test

Our bioenergetic health test pinpoints the areas of imbalances and weaknesses in the body through a non-invasive, and non-toxic, form.


With the test results, we will be able to help you in correcting your underlying health issues that you were not aware that you had. 


We will provide guidance on nutrition, health, and energy healing for optimal results.


With just a small sample of your DNA, we can provide you with a full bio-energetic health test, and a remote consultation over a video call to discuss the results:


Send us a small sample of your DNA (e.g. lock of hair) in the mail for us to use for the test.


We run various tests on the DNA sample using advanced Bioenergetic Testing methods.


Test results within 7 days along with any recommendations, and a personal consultation to discuss the results.

The test is a non-invasive procedure utilizing a sample of your DNA, from hair, nail or saliva, and a computer-based program that will measure the energy throughout the meridians in your body. This enables us to identify any imbalances, and disturbances that may be occurring, giving us a detailed insight into your wellbeing with a 97% rate of accuracy.

Careful attention has been given to creating specific customized holistic remedies for each person we test. There is clear guidance as to what remedies, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, omega oils, and other solutions we recommend. We have searched out the most reputable sources for natural, 100% organic products. We provide a detailed report of the results of your Bioenergetic scan, and a personal consultation to discuss the findings, and recommendations to improve your health.


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"Thank you DeDe for introducing me to the Bioenergetic Testing at YourZen.  It totally changed my thoughts, energies and mindset.  The testing is very thorough and gives me insight into the internal body issues that may need to be addressed.  I’ve had two sessions and looking forward to my third.  The testing is done in a private setting and is very professional.  I high recommend."

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"My session with Deanna was amazing. I had heard of the bioscan technology before - but had never had an opportunity to experience first hand. What I gained was a good foundation of knowledge on what was/is going on in my body - physically, emotionally and energetically. For me it was the perfect roadmap for me to use to navigate my healing journey that I am still on. Deanna is extremely kind and compassionate and is truly a gem to work with to help you uncover as many layers as you are ready!"

Disclaimer: YourZen does not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat any illness or disease by using our natural herbal products or services. If you have concerns about your health, please consult your doctor.


Important Information: The Human Health Test does not test for allergies. Bioenergetic testing is approved by the FDA to detect stress only. By removing the stressors that show up on the scan results for at least 60 days, our customers inform us that they get better. It makes sense. If you remove stress, the body can retrain itself to relax so the body can heal itself.

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