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YourZen focuses on you as a whole and what will work for you, individually, with health and healing. The combination of these techniques will provide you with a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle.


We look forward to starting you on your journey of healing and balancing your overall personal growth, happiness, and wellbeing. Let your 'YourZen' journey begin!


Hi, I’m Deanna!

I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Bioenergetic Practitioner, and former fitness instructor. My goal is to encourage others in achieving their optimal health, happiness, and wellbeing through balancing their mind, body, and spirit.

Having one’s body in balance, and harmony creates and overall healthy lifestyle. Emotional stress can affect one’s health and vice versa, unaddressed health issues could be causing emotional stress. I can help someone when they are exhausted from struggling with perplexing health concerns or just need practical advice on resetting their health and lifestyle. 

I will utilize the results from Bioenergetic Testing to create the overall best solution in doing just that. By opening the blockages, and allowing the energy to flow through your body, it will bring one to quintessential health.

Hi, I’m Madeline!

I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, Nutritionist and Bioenergetic Practitioner with a passion in making others heal through integrative medicine. I strive to help people feel their best both mentally and physically!


As a holistic health coach, I provide guidance for individuals to come up with their own set plan and routine for diet and lifestyle changes. Focusing in on a person’s fitness, nutrition, relationships, and spirituality will help lead an overall healthier life. With bioenergetic testing, I am able to determine the best plan to kickstart this wellness journey.

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