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Helping teens cope with stress naturally

With A levels, GCSEs and a host of other exams well under way, I think it’s important that we help our teenagers as much as we possibly can to reduce their daily anxiety and stress levels.

Teenager in exam with one student with head in hands

The expectations on them are higher than ever before to achieve phenomenal results and strive to the top, so let’s take a bit of the pressure off for them by offering ways to cope.

When we get stressed, we start to deplete ourselves of essential vitamins and minerals, and particularly when we produce adrenalin, (because of fear) our magnesium starts to deplete. This can affect our blood pressure, heart rhythms, muscle tension etc and has a knock-on effect on the way we feel.

Our nervous system ideally needs to stay calm and in control under exam conditions, and if we are depleted in one of the very minerals that helps to keep us calm, it could result in anxiety and even depression.

When magnesium levels are low, we also produce less serotonin, which can then contribute to low mood and tiredness. During exam times, it’s good to be feeling as positive, calm and in control as possible.

A fabulous remedy for immediately putting magnesium back into the bloodstream is a magnesium oil spray which you can simply spray directly onto your skin. It may feel slightly tingly at first, but as your body becomes less depleted, the tingling sensation will reduce. If you think about how it works, it makes so much sense.

The skin is one of the largest routes of illumination when it comes to waste in the body. So when you are detoxing or trying to ‘clean up’ your diet, it’s important to exercise so you can sweat it all out. Equally, the skin is a very good channel of absorption and instead of taking pills, why not just spray the oil onto the skin as its effect is much quicker and is such a lovely way to calm your teenagers down?

You can give them a foot rub with the oil in the evening before they go to bed so they get a good night’s sleep, or you can spray some oil in your hands and massage it into their scalp, neck or back.

This creates feelings of instant calmness and allows the brain to settle after a day’s revision or exams.

When they relax, they will get better rest/sleep and be fresh to go again the next day. They can also take the spray with them to the exam and spray directly onto the skin about half an hour before their exam begins. Any area of skin will do. It’s that easy! You can get this magnesium spray oil from most good health shops or order on amazon. It’s a common product, so you should have no problems finding it.


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